Parent Handbook

1. Birthday Parties 9. Marking of your Child’s Property 17. Discipline
2. Christmas / Birthdays / etc… 10. Communication Book 18. Parents Evening
3. Baker Day 11. Allergies 19. Fundraisers
4. Facebook 12. Food 20. Clothing / Shoes
5. D6 School Communicator 13. Safety 21. Arrive Dressed
6. Stationary & Toiletry Packs 14. Accounts 22. Communication
7. Toys 15. English Medium School 23. Incentive Plan
8. Children’s Bags 16. Sick Children

Birthday Parties

Parents, please note that your child cannot have a Birthday Party at school on your child’s birthday. You are welcome to send each child in the class a cupcake OR a small square of cake. Please do not send party packs / drinks / sweets, etc… We do make a fuss of each child on their birthday in the Class and at Friday’s Assembly.

If you would like the class staff to receive a piece of cake or cupcake, we do require that you inform the Teacher or the Office to avoid any misunderstandings.

Christmas / Birthdays / etc…

  1. Parents, the staff of Treasure Tots do really appreciate presents at Christmas and we note that some parents also send birthday gifts for the staff. Thank you, so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity in these areas. It is wonderful to be shown appreciation!
  2. Please do note that we discourage gifts at any other time as this could be misconstrued!
  3. In November, we request donations for our cleaning and outside staff as we would like to bless them for their hard work during the year. We request luxury items such as chips, biscuits, cool drinks, tinned fruit, boxed custard, etc…

Baker Day

Every Friday we have Baker Day. The children from our Opal Class (2 turning 3) and up to our Grade R’s take part in Fun Baking. This is an excellent learning experience.

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We are on Facebook. We have a “like” Page as well as a CLOSED GROUP. We place reminders as well as Parent Adverts on these pages / groups. With our CLOSED GROUP we place photos of our Treasure Tots children participating in different activities whether in free play, extra-murals, or class activities. We kindly request that our parents do not “Tag” photos – this is to ensure our children’s safety. Family Members may request to join this CLOSED GROUP. Please note that Management accepts or denies requests. If we have not been informed of a certain family member who would like to join or we do not recognize a person, their request will be denied.

D6 School Communicator

Treasure Tots Preschool uses the D6 School Communicator to keep parents up to date. We request that each parent download the D6 School Communicator onto their phone or desktop and then select ‘Treasure Tots’ from the drop list. Dates to make note of, upcoming events, etc…will be uploaded onto the D6. You will also receive alerts and reminders from Treasure Tots via the D6 School Communicator.

Stationary & Toiletry Packs

For our children aged 18 Months and up to our Grade R children - a Stationary & a Toiletry Pack is charged to your first Invoice. This is a once-off fee charged every year. We do not request for parents to bring toiletry items such as sunscreen, toilet paper, tissues, etc... or any stationary items as we take the hassle out of Back to School shopping and buy in bulk reducing the cost to you the parent with the items supplied.


  1. During the term we strongly discourage you from allowing your child to bring toys to school.
  2. Toys get broken, cause fights and go home with other children! This can cause disruptions to the day and heartache. Many toys are also dangerous if broken, as small parts can be swallowed. During the Holidays, games or bigger toys Eg. Dolls, prams, and larger cars, may be brought at your own risk. (Please Note (a) above)

Children’s Bags - (Please Mark Clearly)

We require each child to bring their own bag to school daily.

Please place a spare set of clothes in a plastic packet in this bag. Dirty clothes, jerseys, jackets, shoes, etc… will be placed in the bag. Your child’s communication book will also be sent home in the bag daily.

Marking of your Child’s Property

Please ensure all of your child’s clothing, shoes, jackets, bag, etc … are clearly marked with their Name and Surname.

Communication Book

Each day your child will have their communication book in their bag. Please read this book and sign when necessary. This book will tell you of the lessons and theme needs for the week. There is also a chart reflecting how your child ate and about toilet training if your child is a toddler. You are welcome to write in this communication book. For example – Clear Medication instructions / Please check for lost property / My child had a bad night, etc….


Please keep the school informed of any allergies that your child may suffer from. We keep an up to date ALLERGY list in each class, kitchen, and office.


  1. Babies
    Babies in our Emerald Class are welcome to eat from our kitchen should you, the parent, so decide. You are also welcome to send purities / porridge, etc… and are requested to convey your instructions to the Emerald Staff in writing via your child’s communication book.
  2. Toddler to Grade 00 (the year they turn 5)
    Treasure Tots has an excellent, nutritious menu for our children - with healthy portions. We respectfully request that you do not send any food or drink snacks to school with your child / children.
    Reason: Children do not always understand why some children can have yoghurt, fruit, sandwiches, sweets, chips, etc… This causes fights and hard feelings. It also causes disruptions at meal times and is particularly unsafe when children snack during afternoon play as unsupervised eating can lead to choking.
  3. Grade R – Diamond, Tanzanite & Sapphire ONLY (the year they turn 6)
    Grade R children need to eat a healthy breakfast at home and to bring a morning snack for 9:50 &11:50. This snack needs to contain things like brown bread sandwiches / fruit / yoghurt. The odd biscuit is fine. NO sweets / cold drinks / chips for morning snack please.

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Parents, our children’s safety is of the outmost importance. As such we have a few simple rules for all to follow:

  1. Clothes:
    Parents, please do not dress your children in superhero or wrestling clothes. Children cannot always distinguish between reality and fantasy. We have had numerous incidents of children “acting out” what they see on T.V. when dressed in superhero & wrestling clothes. These games, or acting out are often dangerous and children do get hurt. There is a growing trend world-wide for preschools to ban the wearing of these clothes for these very reasons. This rule also applies to the school bags with superhero / wrestling printed on.

  2. Clipboards:
    1. Sign in / out clipboards: Each class has a signing in and out form on a clipboard in the foyer or in the Baby Toddler Wing – their Sign in / out Clipboards are in their Classrooms. We require whoever drops and fetches a child to sign on the clipboard in the appropriate column.
    2. Parents only to sign: Parents or caregivers only to please sign children in / out.
      Please do not send children to fetch children.
    3. Medication: Medicine must be placed in the fridge and instructions for administration written out on the clipboard or in the communication book. If you have not written instructions in / on either the clipboard or Communication Book, we CANNOT administer the medication to your child. If you have forgotten to write instructions, we will phone you and ask you to email or fax WRITTEN instructions. If you do not send written instruction, we cannot administer any medication.
    4. Minor Incidents: Any minor incidents from afternoon shift will be noted on the clipboard and the time recorded. Any incidents where a child has more than scrapes / cuts / etc… Treasure Tots Staff will phone parents to inform them.

  3. Sending Strangers to fetch your child / children:
    In the event of you or your usual replacements not being able to fetch your child / children, we require you to:
    1. Phone and inform Treasure Tots as to who will fetch your child / children and give us a code word (e.g. your I.D. number or the person’s full name, etc…)
    2. Should we not recognize your voice on the phone or if we are in any doubt as to your identity, we could ask you for details such as your I.D. number. This is purely to ensure your child’s safety.

  4. Front Door Gate and Inter-leading Gates:
    Please always close these gates after you. Also be aware of other children and ensure another child does not slip out the gate with you and your child.

  5. Stickers:
    We have a Treasure Tots sticker to place on your car windscreen. This is for the security guard at our gate to see that you are a Treasure Tots parent / representative. He then knows not to stop you and question your presence at Treasure Tots Preschool. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.
    NOTE:Drivers whose cars do not display the Treasure Tots sticker will be required to fill in the clipboard at the gate.

  6. Car Park Driving:
    We strongly request that all parents drive Slowly (10km per hour) and with extreme caution in our car park. We have small children who could easily run in front of your car! To avoid any accidents, please drive with extreme caution, care and SLOWLY!

  7. Children’s Car Seats:
    Please ensure that your children are strapped in before you drive!

  8. Late Fines: (After 6pm)
    Parents, please note that Treasure Tots closes at 6pm. We respectfully request that you fetch your child / children by 6pm.
    1. Our Security Guard leaves at 6pm and there are only 2 ladies left at this time. We feel that the security of our ladies and children still here after 6pm is compromised.
    2. The children that are left late do get anxious and they do not understand and realize that their parents are late. We would like to avoid this anxiety.
    3. Our ladies (Teacher Jane and Teacher Glynis) need to get home to their own families.
    4. It gets darker earlier in the evenings as winter approaches. both Teacher Jane and Teacher Glynis walk home, so later than 6pm is a problem and safety concern.
    5. If you are the last parent to pick up a child and it is dark, it would be appreciated if you could give the ladies a lift down the road. Thank you.

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Invoices detailing what will be charged for the coming month are sent out around the 20th of each month. Statements detailing received payments and Invoices raised will be sent out a few days afterwards.

  1. Payments
    Account payments are due by the 2nd of each month at the Latest. This payment is an upfront payment for the month to come, E.g. you pay for January by 2nd January latest.
    1. TThe Financial Board will issue a 1st Reminder letter to late payers on +/- the 3rd of each month.
    2. 2nd Reminder letters to late payers is issued +/- the 4th of each month.
    3. A suspension letter is issued on +/- the 5th of each month to those account payments still outstanding.
      NOTE: Dates may vary due to the weekends or public holidays
  2. Arrears
    NB: Should your account be in arrears, and should you wish to make payment arrangements
    with the Financial  Board, the following is required:
    A written notification of your plan to be submitted to the Financial Board via or
    1. Please address this letter: “For attention The Financial Board”
    2. Please date your letter and sign it.
    3. Ensure that your payment plan is clearly laid out with projected dates of expected payments.
  3. Half and Full Day Grade R’s
    Grade R’s half day is till 1:30pm (till 2:00 if there is an older sibling at Alberton Christian Academy). Grade R children who stay after 1:30 will be part of Aftercare and will be required to pay an Aftercare fee. This fee entitles the Grade R Aftercare child to afternoon care during the school term and full day care during the holidays (this means all meals in the afternoons & during Holidays). Grade R children who do not attend Aftercare are not entitled to stay after 1:30 during the term, nor can they attend holiday club. Aftercare Application Forms and Pricelists are available at the office.
  4. Changing from Half Day to Full Day
    If you need to change from: Half day to Full day or vice versa; from two to three days to full time, etc… Please fill in a “Change of Attendance Option” form at the office. This will enable the Accounts Department to adjust your account accordingly.
  5. Invoices / Newsletters
    1. Monthly Invoices and Newsletters are emailed directly to you. Please ensure the office has your email address.
    2. Keep your Invoice / Newsletter, etc… for future reference or queries
    1. Should you be unavoidably late, please do phone the office 011 869 3419 / 5701 or 079 853 8186 and let the ladies know.
    2. A fine of R200 for every half hour or part thereof will be levied for any late pick ups. This will be reflected on your monthly invoice.
    3. Please sign the Late Pick Up Register when you fetch your child.
    4. The fines are paid over to the ladies as overtime pay at month end.

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English Medium School

Treasure Tots Alberton is an English medium school where all communication with our children is in English. We do have children from many different home language groups. If a child is battling to understand, our policy is to repeat instructions in their home language (where possible) and then in English. (Our staff have a range of home languages, so we can accommodate most children). However, we need a common language to communicate - which is obviously English. As a sign of respect to all our parents, children and staff, we request that English be the language of communication at Treasure Tots Preschool. This will ensure that everyone understands every conversation. By speaking English, everyone present in a room will be part of the conversation and will understand everything happening. This way no one will feel excluded. Thank you for your co-operation in this regard.

Sick Children

If your child is sick, Treasure Tots requests that you please keep your child at home. Little children quickly pick up infections / illnesses from each other. I am sure that any child would also be more comfortable at home or with granny, etc… should this be possible.


  1. Treasure Tots Alberton policy is to be consistent with discipline, e.g.: If little Johnny smacks someone three times today, he’ll sit out three times today.
  2. We have a policy of informing parents when a child is struggling with listening to instructions; socializing; coping with activities, etc… This feedback can be given verbally, but is also written in your child’s communication book. By working closely with each parent we can often effectively train children in areas of difficulty.
    NB: REMEMBER that training a child is a long term project that is successful when done in love and with consistency and does not happen overnight. Please do not get discouraged if your child’s communication book reflects these incidents regularly.
  3. When children swear or bite we usually administer 1-2 drops of “Tabasco Pepper Sauce”. This will only be administered by the Principal or Vice-Principal once parental permission is given. The incident will be communicated to you via your child’s Communication Book.

Parents Evening / November Prize Giving

  1. We encourage all parents to attend these important and informative functions.
  2. If your child is involved in Prize Giving, it is really vital that you bring your child and stay and watch. Thank you for your interest and support.

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  1. Concerts – Junior Tots & Senior Productions
    These are two of our big fundraisers for the year. Tickets are sold to defray costs and parents are asked to help with costumes. A lot of time and effort goes into our concerts, and a lot of fun and learning takes place. Please do join us for these Big events.
  2. Cake Sales / Mother’s Day Pamper Day / Father’s Day Celebration / Grandparent’s Day / etc…
    These are our other fund raisers for the year. There are so many costs involved in up keeping the school and maintaining our standards. The monies raised with these annual events are used for these extra costs. We rely on you, our parents, for help.

Clothing / Shoes – Please Mark ALL Items Clearly

  1. Grade R Uniform
    1. Treasure Tots requires our Grade R children to wear a uniform which is issued from the office. This uniform consists of Different coloured Golf Shirts worn on different days (list is given at the beginning of the year).
    2. An aqua blue drimac for cooler weather.
    3. Suitable long pants or shorts. Eg. Denim.
  2. Suitable Clothing
    1. Please ensure you send spare clothes in your child’s bag. Please also send a plastic packet for dirty clothes.
    2. When weather is rainy or cool, please ensure your child has a jacket or jersey. A spare warm top or jersey should also be sent in your child’s bag for when the weather unexpectedly turns cold.
    3. On cold days children need to wear shoes / takkies and socks.
    4. Parents please do not dress your children in superhero or wrestling clothes. Children cannot always distinguish between reality and fantasy. We have had numerous incidents of children “acting out” what they see on T.V. when dressed in superhero & wrestling clothes. These games or acting out are often
      dangerous and children do get hurt. There is a growing trend world-wide for preschools to ban the wearing of these clothes for these very reasons. This rule also applies to the school bags with superhero / wrestling printed on. Please make sure that when the girls wear dresses, that a pair of shorts is on

Arrive Dressed

Children need to arrive dressed for the day. It is difficult for staff to change children from pajamas into day clothes when they have other children needing attention.


  1. Communicating with Teacher
    1. Please feel free to note class queries in your child’s communication book.
    2. Make an appointment to see your class teacher (Please do not chat at length to your teacher during class time as the teacher needs to supervise her class. A teacher cannot have a lengthy chat to a parent and control a group of children at the same time).
  2. Office / Financial Queries
    1. You are welcome to email our Accounts Department for any Financial / Account queries
    2. General school procedures or class issues not resolved with class teacher,
      Please contact:
      Shana – 011 869 3419 / 5701
    3. You are welcome to contact Jaime, our Secretary, on or 011 869 3419 / 5701:
      1. If your little one is sick / Granny is visiting, to inform the class teacher of absenteeism, etc…
      2. To find out how your little one is doing, etc...

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Incentive Plan

  1. Accounts paid by the end of the preceding month will have R50 credited to your account if your payment appears in our bank account before month end. Please do not deduct your own R50 discount for early payment. The Accounts Department will allocate your R50 discount monthly as it is earned.
  2. R50 Credited to you (if you pay February account by January 31st, you will be credited with R50 on your account).
  3. A R100 fine will be levied on any accounts paid later than the 2nd of the month. I.e. From the 3rd onwards.
  4. If any account is paid between the 1st and the 2nd, no fine will be levied and no bonus given.

“To look is one thing. To see is another. To understand what you see is a third. To learn from what you understand is still something else. But to act on what you learn is all that really matters.” 
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