A. Baby Classes (Babies from 3 Months – 18 Months)

Our ALBERTON Baby Class runs age appropriate activities that develop and help stimulate our little ones. The class is separated into 4 different areas – Sleeping Area (cots), 3 month – +/- 6 month play / stimulating area, older babies play / stimulating area and of course a nappy changing area. Our Baby Class Teacher and Head of our Baby Wing, being a mom & a grandmother, has years of experience with caring for babies & children.

Aqua Class

B. Younger Classes (Children from 18 Months – 4 year olds)

These classes follow a pre-planned programme where children effectively learn through play. Age appropriate activities that stimulate the 5 senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell are utilized. Gross and Fine-motor skills are developed with painting, cutting & pasting, puzzles, blocks, balls, hoops, etc…

C. Grade 00 (4 turning 5 year olds)

Grade R ClassThese classes follow a Grade R curriculum which thoroughly equips our 4-5 year olds for Grade R the following year. This Grade R programme is very sound, but is a step below our Grade R curriculum – hence we do it a year earlier.

D. Grade R (Children turning 6 in the year)

Our Grade R children follow an outstanding curriculum, “School of Tomorrow” - which is Accelerated Christian Education. During this important foundation phase year, a solid learning of phonics and numbers takes place – effectively ensuring a smooth transition to literary and numerical competency. Grade R is the first year of formal, structured education and as such parents are encouraged to be as involved as possible.


E. Reports

A report is issued for each child at the end of each term.
The report is a full assessment of each child’s development and progress.
**Please note that these age related assessments are an observation of each child's performance at this point. They are not necessarily an indication of each child's future potential. These assessments can be influenced by many factors such as ill health \ immaturity \ being new in a school \ changes at home, etc…

F. Prize Giving & Grade R Graduation

Every November, our 5 – 6 year olds attend Prize Giving and perform an item of Song / Dance / Poem, etc… for parents and family members. The morning highlights our Grade R Graduation Ceremony where we honour our 6 year olds for all their hard work and achievements throughout the year.

G. Eisteddfod

Our Grade R & Foundation Phase children take part in Eisteddfod annually. They are entered into 2 categories – (1) Art & (2) Choir / Song Ensemble / Percussion.