Aftercare for Alberton Christian Academy & Heritage Christian College

Treasure Tots Alberton & Modderfontein have separate facilities to cater for the Alberton Christian Academy & Heritage Christian College Learners in the afternoons and during the school holidays.

Alberton Christian Academy learners from Grade 1 – Grade 8 are escorted over the road to the Aftercare Facilities at 2:15pm Mon - Thurs and at 1:40 on a Friday. Heritage Christian College learners from Grade 1-2 are escorted to the Aftercare Facilities at 13:30 Mon – Thurs. and at 13:00 on Fridays; Grade 3-7 are escorted at 14:00 Mon – Thurs and at 13:30 on Fridays. These Aftercare children are given a nutritious meal – (See attached Menu) and their homework is supervised.

Friday is a fun afternoon and children do not do homework. Parents are expected to ensure Friday Homework is completed and are required to sign their child’s Homework book daily.

These children are accommodated during school holidays where full day care and activities are provided.

Holiday Club

During school holidays we run what we call “Holiday Club”. No Curriculum is followed, but the staff organize fun activities for the day such as baking, puppet shows, water play, etc…

Children are encouraged to “Free Play”. Free Play is an excellent way for children to learn to share, co-operate and to use their imagination.